Projects Update!

  1. I just finished recording my first ‘real’ episode, after an episode zero recording of a new project called “Deck Diary”
    Deck Diary is a chronicling of my progress through MtG Arena after over a year of absence and neglect of the Standard Format, due to pandemic-related reasons. I intend on dedicating an hour a day to record and edit my progress and will begin uploading episodes very soon.
  2. The ‘Final Version’ of Clockwork Chaos has been ordered from the printer and it will be proofed and loaned out to a local gaming group who’s never seen/played it before for a final test of the rulebook and overall gameplay.
  3. Once Clockwork Chaos is officially done and published, I will begin going back through previous board game designs and revising them based on my newfound experience and success with Clockwork Chaos. Sat-Elite had been unpublished by the printing company due to the box being discontinued, so I will use the opportunity to not only adjust the box design to fit a new package, but will also go through the rulebook and components again to make sure nothing escaped the last round of proofing.
  4. Board Game marketing will begin once I sign off on Clockwork Chaos and I will not only have it available through, but I will begin contacting local, reputable LGS’s in the area and providing them with Demos and Promos to help promote their own sales of my products. I hope that my experience of running my own LGS for several years will give me a leg up on working with other store owners to get my games on their shelves.

Stay tuned and wish me luck!

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