Clockwork Chaos, Drafting, and Painting!

After a lengthy lull I’m setting August 1st as the official launch date of Clockwork Chaos and will have the sales page linked here when I do. I’ll be putting together a demo video as well as recording an audio book version of the rules to be made available upon game release. I will also be nailing down the LGS exclusive promos, and other marketing materials I intend on having when I start bugging local stores to carry it.

The Deck Diary series has been a fun learning opportunity for me to get back into Standard Format Magic the Gathering through MTG Arena. With Adventures in the Forgotten Realm’s release I’ve just finished my second Draft (first recorded Draft) as part of the series and will continue to play Arena Standard to build up resources for Drafts.

I was tasked with painting a full 2000 point army for Age of Sigmar, so I’ve been on and off getting things done towards that end. As of this moment I have 50 Dryads, 15 Spite Revenants, 10 Tree Revenants, 6 Kurnoth Hunters with Bows, and 6 Kurnoth Hunters with Scythes. This leaves me with 10 models left to paint and 3 sets of Awakened Wyldwoods, which each have 3 large trees to them. I will continue to document and upload my progress [here], and I look forward to possibly doing a battle report on my first game of AoS 3rd edition.

– Schnell

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