Deck Diary

The Deck Diary Series is me getting into Magic the Gathering Standard on Arena, one day at a time. Not researching the meta beforehand, not spending money on the game in any way. Just building, playing, and learning.

My first recorded draft of AFR ended up being pretty good, hope you enjoy!
Running Flumph’s Tutelage with a better mic to test audio and this game ended up being worth sharing.
Flumph’s Tutelage is a new deck I built that succeeds right out the the gate.
Red Green Mutatefall
Mono Red gets thrown together and torn apart.
Red Green hits the table again.
If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. Today’s goals required black spells so a Black Green Build suddenly appeared.
Blue Green gets more table time.
A Green Blue build is today’s focus, seeing what we can (and can’t) do with it right out of the gates.
Continuing to dial in the Red/Green Landfall deck.
Episode 2, Red/Green Landfall redux
Episode 1: Red/Green Landfall
Episode 0: Getting started/Test Run

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