Miniatures and Painting

With the Pandemic lockdown giving everyone infinite free time, I accomplished nothing. . .
Now that it’s getting back to normal and in person gaming is becoming a thing again, I’m trying to get as table ready with new and old models alike.

I may not be the best painter in the world, but I’m the best painter on this website.

I recently picked up a green screen backdrop and secondary webcam, so I’m playing around with video options as I paint up some Sylvaneth Spite Revenants.

Sylvaneth Models:

With my drive to paint, I’ve also decided to document as well, so I’m taking “fancy photos” of my army as I finish each unit. Enjoy!

Dungeons and Dragons

These Dice Adventurers (Reaper High Rollers) are goofy and wonderful. Painting these brave warriors helped get me back into painting after a long absence.

I’ve decided to use the High Rollers models to give a scale in some photos, so I figured I’d come up with narration for the adventures they have.


As I get more models painted, it is more entertaining and engaging to play with terrain that’s also finished. Here are some of the pieces I’ve finished so far and photographed with my fancy light box to look professional.

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