Designed with my love of real time strategy games and table top war games, in Landfall you claim territory and conquer your opponents, utilizing the resources you find on the map as well as choosing where to attack from and where to defend.

Update (Feb 1, 2018): With the Fire and Ice Game Convention approaching, I’m finishing up work on a 2nd Edition of Landfall: Better Art, Clearer Icons, and revised cards. Plus the new setup rules which reflect the original game design, and makes getting started easier!

Update (May 22, 2018): The new art, icons, and setup rules have been testing very well. I hope to do a few more playtests, then finish updating the box art before a final release is scheduled.

Sat Elite

Inspired by the Space Race and Sputnikfest in Manitowoc, players take control of their own space programs, launch satellites. Whether or not the satellites stay in orbit is a matter of planning and a little luck.

Who’s Going First?

I was drafted into a Beer and Board Game podcast, known as the Beer’d Gamers, and the amount of board games I play each month tripled. With more gaming than ever, I noticed that most games have a very lackluster opening to the game with “randomly determine who’s going first” or worse, something along the lines of, “The player with a birthday closest to ta holiday goes first”

To make things more interesting, and more random. I created a deck of cards to turn the start of each game, into a game in itself. In “Who’s Going First?” each player is dealt a card from the deck, then the top card of the deck is revealed, showing one of almost 2 dozen mini games to play and determine the starting player.

Clockwork Chaos

My 3rd full game, Clockwork Chaos is a game of swapping the program cards of a robot, in hopes that it goes after your opponents, instead of just smashing you. Clockwork Chaos is already in its second print, with a few new upgrades made after the first two weeks of play-testing. So far it’s been getting very positive results and I’m hoping to iron out the few remaining kinks, plus spend a decent amount of time doing art for the box and cards.

Update (May 23, 2018): I’m happy with the results of my latest playtests, so I’ve begun with an overhaul of the card layout and background art, and am incredibly pleased with the new look. I went with more of a brass and copper look to the cards, vs the previous, generic black, grey and gears.

Update (May 9th, 2021) The game has been basically ready to go for a while now, minus a few tweaks and final rulebook printing, so I’m getting to work finishing that asap.