Gaming Project – Clockwork Chaos

The game design for Clockwork Chaos began with an inside joke with my wife who was mocking me playing other games and the idea grew from there. The game has gone through four iterations and revisions and after a few years of hiatus, I’m thrilled to be this close to publishing what is, easily, my best game design so far. With the help of one of my best friends, the rulebook revisions are currently underway and should be ready for production within a week or two (baring print issues or other unforeseen events).

My hope with Clockwork Chaos is to not only have it available for purchase online, but to also have it available through various LGS locations. I will start with the game stores in the surrounding counties to where I live, bugging them with unsolicited demos and promos to help them help me, and go from there. I have a few travels scheduled this year as well as lockdowns are ending and travel is opening up, and I would like to try the traveling sales stuff as well.

The pandemic lockdown was tough on a lot of gamers and game stores (mine included, RIP), but I’ve taken the new year, new me stuff to the extreme with a slew of new digital media projects on the horizon to help people share in the fun that I’ve had making and playing this game. Feel free to reach out to me if you’re interested in any information about the game, my projects, or anything else related to my ramblings!

-Schnell (6/14/2021)

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