Beer’d Gamers

For the past few month I’ve been involved in a beer and board game podcast with a few friends. We drink craft beers, play board games, have fun, and discuss what we like or didn’t like about the games.

My responsibilities, aside from drinking, joking, and trying to win, have been to edit each audio file, as well as the self directed task of creating a token card to go with each game. I will be sharing each one below in this update.

Season 1:

BG token 3BG token 2

Chandalf the Yeller small amulet of remember your shit card Epic Spell Wars Card Fucking Pirates Tristan Guinness Knight(1) Planet Drunk Rogue Card

Season 2:

Captain T king of the beer'd gamers 2 Money Bags(1) Dresden Token Terraforming Card Ion Card The Beerd Gamers walker

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