Day off: projects in progress

Since starting a new job, my free time has been poorly allocated, so I’m going to be taking steps to work on my hobbies more.

First up on today’s activities was blacksmithing, I had started a cleaver a few days ago (made from a recycled lawnmower blade), but after heat treating it was left with two warped sections. I consulted with a local smith on what I could do to correct this and annealed the metal, corrected the warps, and re-quenched focusing on just hardening the sharp edge, allowing the spine to remain more malleable.

The edge quench also allowed me to file test the edge and spine to compare hardness qualities.

I forged enough of a bevel that even without sharpening at all it can chop a bit.

After doing some general house chores and cleaning I sat down to paint and managed to get a base layer on my Munitorum Armored Containers.

I based each in Chaos Black primer, then heavily drybrushed with Sybarite Green, Wazdakka Red, and Hoeth Blue before putting a layer of Retributor Armor on the Aquilla heads atop each container.

I intend on doing another lighter color dry brush on each one and possibly adding rust/dirt around the bottoms of each container.

I’ll take fancy lightbox photos of each when I’m finished.

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