Tong Project

A few days ago I saw a blacksmithing project for homemade tongs on Reddit so I decided that since I’ve been trying to utilize my forge and anvil more, so having more tools to do so is definitely a bonus.

Starting with a piece of weldable flat bar.
Cutting the bar with an angle grinder, I’m reminded of the most important lesson I’ve picked up in my years: Friction Creates Heat!

Having guessed on the measurements I was supposed to start with, I was fairly accurate to the marks I made.
I’ve always loved riveting, so this was my favorite part.
Jaw lineup went easier than I expected.
With a bit of tweaking, I think I’m done.
With a dab of oil the tongs open and close with ease.
Here are my original tongs I hammered out of rebar.
The new tongs are shorter, but I should have better metal control with the increased surface area of the jaws.

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