Schnell Reads the Rules

A while back, I discovered that when bringing a new playgroup up to speed on a game it was honestly easier to just read the rulebook, out loud, to everyone at the beginning. Watching online videos was fine, but they always seem to leave something out, or left us with questions that sent us to the rulebook anyway. In less time than it takes to find a video, watch it, get setup, and the go back to the book for everything that was left out of that summary video, you could have just had me read to rulebook to you.

I have a personal board game library of almost 600 games at this point, so it is my intention to begin creating a full audio book style library for each of those rulebooks. If there’s a game you’d like me to prioritize, shoot me a message!

Otherwise, check out what I’ve got done so far:

-Schnell (6/14/2021)