Building an Arcade Machine

I ordered the components for an arcade machine last week and having almost a full day off, decided to get to work.

The cables are the most frustrating part of this project.

I built a “place holder housing” because I was more excited to play and make sure all the components worked than having a nice, finished product.

The system uses a VGA output, since I don’t have a LCD screen I can use for an arcade cabinet at the moment it will function like a coin operated plug and play game.

Tomorrow, after work, I hope to build a podium style housing and set it up in front of a large wall mounted TV somewhere in my house.

Steps towards the final podium design. The joystick idea I had, of orienting to the player standing at a slight angle to the screen (allowing more room for two players),  made gameplay difficult for certain games. The updated version will be parallel to the screen.

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