Art Stuff – Framing and Matting

I’ll be giving a demonstration on the topic of matte cutting and art work framing on July 13th at the Manitowoc Public Libarary

It’s my goal to show not only how to do these processes yourself, but to share some information behind why artwork is usually framed and matted. It’s always been my experience that knowing how to do something yourself can be a huge confidence boost, even if you’re going to end up going through a professional service. Knowing what you’re being charged for helps you to justify those expenses, rather than getting upset at a price tag that makes now sense to you.


This was a larger scale project for a collection of giant cards I aquired.

Benefit of doing it yourself:


I picked up some hard wood, tongue in groove boards a while back.

They were a little water damaged, so I removed the nails and cut off the water damaged section.

The boards were then cut down to equal sizes.

I used a router to add an interesting edge to the boards.

Once they were cut and lined up, they can be joined.

Mat Cutting

I use the mid level mat cutter from Logan Graphic Production, Inc.

It has a guide that can be set for up to a 4″ boarder.

I’m cutting a 3.5″ boarder for this sample.

The guide lines allow you to cut from one line to another.

I’ll try to add more photos and info later, if you have questions, feel free to contact me.


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